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Full Body Licious

Flavia Delmonte is the author of theĀ Full Body Licious. Flavia is a registered nurse, public trainer, and diet expert.

Full Body Licious is a five day fitness model diet, & workout consisting of reasonably devised sixty minute training to slim down and shape up.

Each week cycles over 5 distinctive Full Body Workouts and every part administers extra attention to imperative body sections that contribute to a impeccable body shape.

By the deadline of the week you’ve impacted all your complete muscle groups 5 stages with numerous intersections, exercises and state-of-the-art weight loss approaches.

Every particular element is based on procedures and information of a female’s body construction. Every routine was attentively designed to raise metabolism, cut fat, and change the body in a safe and productive style.

Every part develops on the past 1 and rooted in the justified F.O.R.C.E. equation only for women.


The Bottom line is, when you master how to bind the right program progression on the correct times with the right quantity and appropriate emotion, the aftereffects are brain busting. Full Body Licious is about expanding a fitness and bikini model figure that is impeccable in your self eyes.

Can You Follow Full Body Licious At Home?

Flavia Delmonte gives you a home gym rendition that you can print off and supersede at home. Flavia Delmonte stated she wouldn’t create a fitness model diet plan that was subject to the gym that needed fancy fitness center accessories. Flavia said she would pass out if you find whatever part of her workouts tedious or continual. Everything in Full Body Licious is current, exhilarating and challenging.

She does not hesitate for what she can do for your body figures appearance. Flavia’s own results speak for themselves! The training program is very comprehensive, and it works for women of every age and level of fitness.

The education about these fitness model training videos showing you the workouts and exercises, and the guarantee makes this fitness plan one of the hottest systems on the internet today!

All you need for the Full Body workout is a stability ball, a few dumbbells, and a resistance band, and that’s it!

Full Body Licious is a fitness model workout as well as nutritional program designed especially for ladies in an effort to trim down excessive fat as well as firm their muscles in an effort to produce a picture perfect, beautiful and fitness model body style.

It is flexible enough to be implemented even at home with basic equipment and, though effective and simple, is not easy as it requires commitment and dedication. So what are you waiting for! get Full Body Licious plus many bonuses when you order today.

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