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The Atkins diet plan can be boring because of the limited choices people have, and some believe it can even be dangerous. Get a physical to make sure you can tolerate the diet, and inform a doctor about your decision to try the Atkins diet.

Make sure you completely understand how the diet works before you start it. You can get the both positive, and negative reviews online, or at the library.

The weight loss program is suppose to get your body to burn fat instead of carbs as fuel. The Atkins dieter sometimes experiences physical reaction in the early weeks of the diet, but there are things that can be done to alleviate these symptoms.

Dizziness, and muscular cramps can be experienced by new Atkins dieters. You might have dizziness, cramps or other physical effects caused by the dietary changes you are making. You can take steps to prevent cramps and other symptoms.

Brain fog, dizziness and muscular cramps are common reactions to the dietary changes. Minerals like potassium wash out of your system rather quickly. A banana will not replace all the potassium loss, you need to take a supplement.

Here are some hints to help you stay healthy while on the Atkins diet plan. There are ways to help you combat the symptoms of the dietary changes. You need to eat at least 8 calories per pound of body weight.

Drink enough water to flush toxins from your system. Some people recommend drinking water equal to half your body weight, that is a lot of water. Water helps the body to rid itself of acidic ketones, and also helps in lipolysis, the burning of fat rather than carbs for energy.

Don’t weigh, or measure yourself more than once a week, more often will have you obsessing over every 1/4 ounce. You will likely see a decrease in stomach inches after the first week, if not you will surely see it in pounds.

Eating the carbs that make you feel your best, still means you need to stay within the limits for the diet stage you are in. You will get more bang for your buck if you choose unprocessed, natural nutrient dense carbohydrates.

Sugar is an absolute no-no. Regular exercise is an absolutely necessary component in weight loss. Do not even consider a program that promises you can lose weight without exercise.

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Exercise helps the body to better utilize the foods you consume. Not doing enough exercise is as bad as doing too much. Ask your doctor’s advice about how often, how much and what type of exercise is right for you.

Don’t start off by trying to run a 10k, try walking around the block, and build up tolerance for more. Be sure to take the nutrient supplements prescribed by your doctor.

You should use a weight loss diary to record your progress, and food consumption. If a major event, or life change happens, record it, and the emotions, since these can affect how you eat.

What happens in your life affects what you eat, how much, and how often you eat. Significant events should also be entered because even good stuff can affect you.

Keep track of exactly what you eat in your food journal, if you are diabetic you will be able to see how certain foods positively, or negatively affect blood sugar levels.

You should record your daily test results in this journal also. Your journal will teach you to recognize patterns, and to realize when your blood sugar levels are changing.

Share your journal, or at least the trends you have noticed, with your doctor so that he can determine what needs to be done. Read the labels on every pre-packed food item, look for white flour, and hidden sugars.

You will lose weight faster if you limit your caffeine intake. The Atkins diet, or any other diet, is not going to take off 50 pounds in a week. A weight loss of 2-4 pounds a week may be realistic for one person but not for another.

Losing more than this could be dangerous. If weight loss is very rapid your body will go into starvation mode, and try to hold on to what it can, and your weight loss will stop cold.

Any large weight loss will be regained if you return to your normal eating habits. Your prior normal eating patterns are what made you overweight to begin with. A diet that promises phenomenal weight loss in a very short period of time is likely a scam.

A really good weight loss program is one that recommends a balanced diet, exercise and possibly supplements. Be sure that a supplement is safe for you in particular. No medications, vitamins or supplements should be taken without your doctor’s approval.

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