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Hi There! My name is Susan,

Welcome to this fitness model diet site!

It isn’t about making the perfect food choices. It’s mostly about finding the moderation, and finding new ways to be healthier in life. I still eat burgers, pizza, and other great foods that everyone else loves. I eat fresh foods too, as much as possible, and I also enjoy cooking, and making different new recipes.

I have been looking for a healthier lifestyle for myself, and my little girl by letting go of most of the sugar, and getting more activity. I found out that being healthy is the most important thing for my daughter Christina and I! I need to be around for when she graduates High School, and she is only 7 years old, so that will be at least 10 or 11 years from now.

Taking time to care for our overall health, and well-being is very important. Everyone’s bodies are not alike, so you need to find out what diet works the safest and healthiest for YOU!

If you really want to experience great success as a bikini or fitness model, then you need to take a look at these different diets for women on the website!

Thank You For Stopping by diets for women that work, and good luck to you, and always remember to NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP!!

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